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Crash Video Productions - Demo Reel

  We've been providing professional camera crews in the Los Angeles area since 1995. We shoot entertainment segments for tv shows like Extra, crime stories, ride alongs, ambushes, and interviews for Crime Watch Daily, corporate and product shoots, events, parties, and award shows. If you're looking to hire a camera crew in Los Angeles check out our demo reel and photos from our shoots.  

Photos from our Shoots

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Crash Video Shoot Palm Springs Ryan Gosling Camera Crew Los Angeles Green Screen Crash Productions Celeb Event Crashvideo
  Camera Man Los Angeles Camera Crew Los Angeles Harrison Ford Crash Productions Video Crew Arrival line
  LA Camera Crew Sag Awards 2017 Crash Productions Red Carpet Event Crash Video Productions Sean Penn CameracrewLA

We cover all kinds of celebrity events in Hollywood. Often these events start with an arrival line followed by celebrity interviews backstage. Its a lot of fun being a camera man Los Angeles but its also a complicated job because every shoot is different. If you're a professional video crew in LA you know that things happen fast and you better get the shot right the first time.

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