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Video Production Los Angeles

Crash Productions has been providing camera crews to the TV industry for more than 20 years. We shoot Interviews, Set Visits, Premieres, Awards Shows, Stand Ups, EPK's, Documentary, Parties, Reality, B-Roll and more.

Skilled DP's combined with state of the art equipment. Our talented and professional Los Angeles HD Camera Crews are ready to serve all your production needs. If you are looking to hire a professional videographer you've come to the right place.

We provide video production in los angeles. We shoot on Sony PDW700/800 XDcam Disc & Sony FS7 Professional HD & 4K Cameras.

Red Carpets / Parties / Events

Movie Premieres, Award Shows, Parties, Stand Ups, Fashion B-Roll, Event Coverage, B-Roll Handouts

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                                                                      Camera Crews Crash Video Productions provides two man HD Video Crews in the Los Angeles area. We shoot segments for entertainment shows like Extra along with interviews and arrivals lines for EPK's, PR firms, corporate clients and others.


Sit Down Interviews with beautiful lighting are the bulk of what are videographers shoot in Los Angeles. Celebrity Interviews, Movie Junkets, Multi Camera, and Documentary style interviews.

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  Most of our shoots are with celebrities from movies, TV, & Music. Our Camera Crews are always professional while still being friendly, outgoing and getting the shots you need. If you're looking for a cameraman that will keep your clients happy you've come to the right place.

Behind The Scenes / EPK / Set Visits

Our professional camera crews know how to get the B-roll you need to cover your BTS and interviews on set without getting in the way. If you need a camera man in Los Angeles to for you set visit or bts you've come to the right place.

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There are links at the top of this page to pages of information about us. In the HD Camera Crews link you'll find information about our equipment, rates, and company. The photo's from shoots is pretty self explanatory. This link has many photos taken by our professional camera crews on shoots around Los Angeles.   Camera Crews
Crash Video Productions was started in 1995. Back then we we're shooting mostly for MTV, VH-1 and Inside Edition. Inside Edition was huge back then because of the OJ simpson case. A few years later we we're shooting shows for the Travel Channel including America's Best Beaches & Caribean's Greatest Resorts. These shoots were fun but also a lot of work. In recent years the bulk of our work has been in celebrity entertainment segments   Recent Work
While our camera crews generally work in two man teams of DP and sound man, we can also send out a cameraman solo for smaller b-roll shoots. Contact us for one man band rates.   Contact

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Video Production LA

Video production in LA can be confusing if you're not familiar with the LA area, particulary if you have multiple locations to cover in a single day. Producers come from out of state or out of the country and look at google maps and don't realize the traffic in LA. Our video crews know there way around the city and can help you work around your schedule accordingly.

Video Production Los Angeles - Cameraman solo

We generally send out our LA video crews in two man teams of DP & Sound. Occasionally for easier shoots that are mostly b roll or where the audio is not complicated we can send the camera man out solo to do both jobs.

If your video production is basic audio and doesn't require a full two man camera crew call us for "one man band" rates.

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Crash Video Productions - Los Angeles Camera Crew and Professional Camera Crew Los Angeles

Most of our clients find us through referalls. Sometimes people find us by doing a search for Camera Crew Los Angeles or Professional Camera Crew Los Angeles and chose us after checking out the other Professional Video Crews in Los Angeles. Hiring a professional camera man in Los Angeles is easy because there are so many around but finding a really good one may not be as easy.

In 1995 Michael Levine created Crash Video Productions with one professional video crew camera crew in Los Angeles, a city filled with large production companies sending out video crews. TV crews in Hollywood were generally put together by large companies because the cost of video production gear was expensive. After a few years shooting mostly for MTV and Inside Edition Crash Productions expanded to use other skilled Videographers for their eng camera crews. These were always two man teams. One camera man and one sound man and all the gear. We soon earned a reputation for being able to quickly send out a professional video crew at a moments notice. These tv crews would shoot B-roll and interviews mostly.

Currently our videographers shoot on XDCAM HD Discs, SSD Drives, and Card media. Xdcam Disc is the professional format of choice for most of our clients. Extra, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, The Bachelor and most other entertainment and reality shows use these cameras. We have other formats available on request and can copy the Xdcam discs to a hard drive.

We are contracted to shoot for TV shows, PR firms, and other production companies in Los Angeles. We are still able to send out a professional High Definition video crew at a moments notice. Whether you need an HD Crew, b-roll crew, or just a camera man in Los Angeles you can count on us.

In the past twenty years there have been many changes in tv production. Professional camera get better and better each year. New formats continue to emerge. Currently we shoot various forms of HD 1080, 4k and 4K S-Log. We use the Sony PDW 700/800 cameras and the Sony FS7 Super 35 4k camera.

It's not just the new cameras changing television produciton. If you're camera man los angeles you need to keep up with all the lighting technology. LED lights have made eng field shoots faster and smoother. We at Crash Video Productions have even started designing our own line of LED lights catered to our specific productions needs. When we shoot b roll we almost always have several different led lights up. B-roll shots often require a fast set up. If you're a proffessional videographer los angeles you can't go out without LED lights

Perhaps the most confusing changes for a camera crew los angeles are all the new terms thrown our way. Now clients call us requesting a b-roll camera crew. b roll crew used to mean no sound or interviews, but these days b-roll crew los angeles means the same as camera crew los angeles. We also get calls for a one man band which means they just want a professional camera man los angeles or professional videographer los angeles. This just means no sound man because the audio is very basic or budget just doesn't allow for one. C-47's still means clothes pins and extension chords are still called stingers. Some things haven't changed.

Our videographers are based in LA, but we often travel outside LA for shoots. We do shoots all over southern california. We have flight cases and can fly anywhere with our gear.

When you hire us for a shoot we show up with everthing you need for the production. All the bells & whistles to make things run smoothly. We have state of the art gear and our camera men and sound men are industry professionals with years of experience.

If you are looking work in video production and have experience and expertise as a sound man, utility, grip, or PA send us your info and references. If you are a camera man los angeles and have more then 10 years experience with corporate video production, entertainment segments, and have experience using our cameras send us an email with your references.

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